my iphone’s glimpses of 2011: part 3

july – september (top left corner):
1) in the d for splashing fun
2) new ‘do for ruby
3) first pedicure for the birthday girl
4) free manicure for being the cute little sister
5) special cup our tomboy picked out for the ride to new buffalo
6) princess cup for the princess
7) caught foraging in the trash for cinnamon rolls
8) mcdonald’s treats for hungry operation playgrounders
9) rest for the weary bike riders
10) at the detroit zoo for wild summer nights
11) school area for a first grader
12) tiger’s game for a birthday celebration
13) schaeffer and aunty jenny holding on for dear life
14) some sunshine for the schoolroom
15) salty and sugary treats for movie night
16) mummification experiment for science
17) edible cells for snack time at co-op
18) too tired for lunch
19) forensic evidence of tasted forbidden fruit
20) crafting for fall

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