this face


it’s because of this face that i got a lump in my throat while eating lunch at panera some months back. i wasn’t quite sure why, but then realized i had glanced at men in suits eating on their lunch hour and knew someday this boy would grow up and have to be a man in this cold, hard world.

so i kissed his mushy cheeks, let him cry hard over his boo-boos, held his chubby hand, rubbed his little back, and let him be the baby he still is.

the time will come, all too soon, for me to “close the blinds on my windows” (my mother-in-law’s advice) while he tests his physical limits by jumping out of trees and reenacting the x-games. soon enough, he’ll have to learn to gladly embrace responsibility by following the hard path Christ, the greatest man, charted first – the path of selfless service for the good of others to the glory of God.

on december 4th, he turned 19 months old. and i looked at this face again and was glad to see he still has bugs bunny teeth. guess that means my blinds can be open awhile longer.

bottom photos: amaezing productions, tim peterson

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