God’s Power and My Black Thumb

When Matt, Stella and Ruby surprised me with these flowers last week, a few conversations followed.

Stella: Daddy, tonight can we pray that God will help Mommy remember to water the flowers we got her?

Stella later that night: Mommy, God is so powerful and He can do anything. He can even help you remember to water your flowers so you won’t kill them.

Stella the next morning: Mommy, do you see these little buds that haven’t opened? They’re green. Is green your favorite color?
Me: Giving her a look that says, “You know what Mommy’s favorite color is!”
Stella: Exactly. So you need to remember to water them so they won’t be green but will grow into big orange flowers.

Do I have a bad reputation with caring for flowers or what?! I foresee an unfortunate object lesson in the near future explaining to Stella God’s power and man’s responsibility. Why do my short comings always provide plenty of material from which to teach our kids?

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  1. People always used to tell Greg and I that children seem to bring out countless illustrations of God's dealings with us. I have loved reading your posts.


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