our 3 babes

he is almost 10 months old and doesn’t have a tooth in his mouth yet. but, the poor babe is miserable. i have a feeling in a few weeks he’s going to have a mouth full of chompers. i love his little gums though and am enjoying his toothless grin for a little bit longer!

and this girl…she never sees an obstacle. just a hurdle – literally. she herkies, toe touches, long jumps and high jumps around our house. she will often be seen with a ball in her hand. yesterday she was tossing it up the steps and catching it as it bounced back. and her energy is paralleled only by her compassion. this tough girl has a nurturing heart. and she loves lions. not sure why, but she does. mean ones and nice ones.

and then there’s the kindergartener. she’s busy pretending to be mrs. hubbard, learning her sight words, vowel sounds,  word families, and numbers, and wishing for snow days and summer break. lunch and recess are still her favorite parts of the day. 🙂 she and her sister love knock knock jokes and can compete with any boy in their potty humor. really. did i just admit that?!

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  1. your last few sentences made me laugh! bring 'em on over! oh, wait, we're trying to stop that kind of conversation, not encourage it! =) they'd fit right in here. throwing the balls up the stairs, playing with letters on the fridge, and everything else!


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