Now I lay me down to sleep

Sometimes going to sleep is a fearful thing. With our three precious ones snug in their beds, it’s hard to close my eyes and surrender to the vulnerability that comes with sleeping because I know all that could happen in this sinful, dark world around us. That’s why last night what made me drift off in peace wasn’t visions of sugar-plums (whatever those are!). It was the reality that “everything sad is coming untrue.” It was the fact that Jesus came to earth and identified with us in this horrible place so He could do exactly what  He was supposed to do – save His people from their sins. And He’s doing it right now! The restoration has started every time a sinner bows the knee to Him. A little bit of the horror of this sinful world and the hopelessness of sinful hearts comes untrue. Eventually this world that is broken and lost and paralyzed in fear – to the point that people put bars over their windows and buy home security systems – will one day be restored to perfection. Every molecule will function as it was originally intended and every knee will bow in submission to His Lordship. It all will be made right because we have a glorious Christ (part 2 should be up soon) who is greater than sin!

This is the hope of Christmas! And so we say with the heavenly hosts, “Glory to God in the highest!” The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ! And He shall reign and there will be peace on earth…and in my heart tonight when I lie down to sleep again.

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