Taking Heed

During Summer Bible Conference in 2006, Pastor Dan Davey spoke on the topic of preparing our hearts to hear the Word of God in corporate worship. He passed out a sheet called “Take Heed How You Hear” by John Piper. On the sheet are 10 practical preparations. The sheet has served me well on Sunday mornings since that time and helped me to deal with my self-centeredness, irritation with others and easily triggered temper (starting w/ my own family on Sunday as we seek to get out the door), dull emotions, and waning appetite and affections for sacred things – namely God Himself. I need my heart searched, sin exposed and love ignited to do the blessed work of worship. So as the best day of the week is a few hours away, let our preparations begin!

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  1. thanks for sharing. I really want Sunday to be special, set apart, not because we want to look good, or because we think it will make us good, but because it is a way to honor all that God is and a way to obey him with worship. This list is helpful.


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