5 thoughts at 5 weeks

1. As much as I love bows and accessories, I’m SO glad I don’t have to deal with those this time around!

2. As much as I hate hearing that middle of the night “feed me” cry, I love walking in the nursery and picking up the little sweet bundle from his crib.

3. As much as I want Stella’s help changing diapers, she needs a compliant subject. I tried to talk her through changing Ruby’s diaper the other day while I was feeding Schaeffer. Needless to say, I’m thankful we have hardwood floors as the diaperless toddler ran around the living room with Stella chasing her.

4. As many diapers as I’ve changed over the past almost 5 years, I’m still getting the hang of the quick change required when diapering a boy. The showers I’m getting these days aren’t the kind I want (or need)!

5. As much as I want sleep and a normal schedule again, I’m constantly trying to remind myself that my hope isn’t in those things and I can’t wait to strive for godliness when those things are a reality again. God’s provided everything I need for life and godliness through circumstances like this too. That means He’s provided the power to resist the temptation to respond to the girls in anger and to resist the temptation to be selfish and undisciplined with the bit of time I get to myself. And even though these circumstance aren’t a trial necessarily, He’s even provided the power to practice keeping the perspective of “light and momentary” through them. He knows I need this practice in thinking the right way for when trials do come.

Lord, help me not to waste my sleeplessness and the opportunity for Your power to be manifested through me during this time!

Happy 5 week birthday, baby boy! I love you and the other instruments of sanctification God has placed in my life! 🙂

5 thoughts on “5 thoughts at 5 weeks

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  1. so cute to see him getting bigger. Hilarious that ruby was running naked. I have not had av do diapers (thankfully liela was potty trained very shortly after maxwells arrival) but I have talked her through some things and it's quite hilarious…trying to remember what words she didn't know the meaning of was humbling as her mother. Like “its to the left of the stereo” but she didn't know left or stereo. It was like a logic game.


  2. HOW PRECIOUS! Brings back fond memories for me. I can't believe how big he is! Stella sure does sound like shes trying to be a good big sister. Cherish these moments, they do pass by quickly!! OOO & XXX's to the kids!!

    You're comments were so true! Very inspiring.

    I'm curious, have you picked out a song for Schaeffer?


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