luv is a verb

we made 3 batches of valentine’s day cookies this year:

1) valentine’s m&m cookie bars

2) peanut butter blossoms (daddy’s fave)

had to take a pic of this. notice the orderliness w/ which the kiss wrappers were discarded – separated by color (pink, red and silver all organized in different piles) and even the kiss flags had a special spot too. are you sure this is my daughter?! 🙂
3) sugar cookies dipped in chocolate w/ sprinkles (stella’s and my fave)

finished plate for our neighbors and friends.

our valentine cards this year. heart stamps made by using the sides of our hands in a fist.

we went bowling with our church on saturday. stella’s watching her very slow rolling ball here…

so slow rolling that daddy had to walk down the gutters to help give it another push!
too cute.
part of my valentine’s day surprise from my sweet – beautiful gerber daisies.

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