so sweet – for four years and counting

nothing could prepare us for the way our lives changed 4 years ago today when we first laid eyes on you. you were beautiful. and from the beginning you were as sweet as could be. i would say sweet to the core, but that doesn’t match up with our theology. still, on that side of depravity, you’re pretty much as sweet as they come.
we’re entering a new phase with you. your maturing is obvious. the thoughts you’re thinking, the words you’re using, the observations you’re making and the way you’re assimilating truth tell us so much. it’s hard to see our little girl growing but exciting to embrace all at the same time. you’re so eager to learn. we love all the teaching opportunities we get with you in both the unique and common circumstances of life. they are opportunities to teach you about the gospel and a christian worldview. because as sweet as you are, it’s still not sweet enough.
so we’ll continue to point you to the One who is all that you need – and we need. And while we do it, we’ll thank Him for each day that we have with you, our sweet girl. happy 4th birthday, stella grace!

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