33 and counting

today has been a day of blessings and surprises. God has blessed me with a wonderful, kind husband and thoughtful family and friends. the gospel is so far-reaching in giving us more than we deserve in every area of life.

i’m reminded today that i am perishing. not a very happy thought, but true, nonetheless. my outward self is wasting away day by day (2 cor 4.16). so today i wanted to finish listening to this challenge from carolyn mahaney to remind me of true beauty. i can’t avoid crows-feet, spider veins, gray hair and all the other things that come w/ aging. but i can avoid allowing my inner self to waste away too. i don’t lose heart as the years pass b/c i can have a beauty that never fades – the beauty of fearing the Lord (prov 31.30) and possessing a gentle and quiet spirit (I pet 3.4). so today, by God’s grace, i purpose anew to use this next year of my life growing in an inner beauty that is very precious in His sight.
(no photos showing my crows feet and well-hidden gray hair (i guess some things can be avoided!) are available since i’m on a borrowed computer while mine is being worked on.)

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