they’re growing up whether i like it or not

Since I’ve never been a scrapbooker, we’ve always used the blog as a baby book of sorts so we have record of our girls milestones and growth. With three trips to Ohio in March and just the general busyness of life, I am behind on tracking what my girls have been doing. This is what I could quickly think through in the past minutes:

Ruby at 9 months:
regular crawling (as opposed to the army crawling that stelly did)
pulling herself up
a lot of hair (enough for a whale spout)
learning to obey, although not w/ a happy heart
no teeth yet
very determined (knows what she wants and will stick w/ it until that goal is obtained or her goals are “redefined” by us)
very physical (doesn’t enjoy just sitting and watching baby einstein – wants to be on the go)
strong (the day she was born the nurse was bathing her and said, “she is so strong!” that trend has definitely continued. for a little peanut, she is quite the brut (meant in the most feminine way possible, of course!)
says ba-ba, ma-ma, and da-da

stelly at 3 1/2:
memorizing Scripture so quickly (not unique to her since most kids memorize quickly) but trying to pack in all i can and will allow God to “unpack” it in His time (this year we’ve learned portions of john 1, I cor 13, and are currently almost done w/ some of matthew 28 on the resurrection)
helper (setting table, making bed, cleaning up toys, throwing away diapers, quite detailed and organized in her cleaning – her dollhouse is neater than our real house)
growing into a good big sister (playing w/ ruby, reading to her, singing to her, helping her to obey)
still loves loves loves books
memorizing songs w/ mommy (Amazing Grace and Jesus, Thank You are the 2 most current)
knows books of Old and New Testaments (we both still struggle through the minor prophets though)
loves music and makes up words to classical music (love to hear how she doesn’t compartmentalize her life – truths about God are mixed in with practical things like going potty, playing at the park and taking care of her dolls)
brushing her own teeth, dressing herself and putting her shoes on by herself (even the right feet now most of the time!)
loves doing school with mommy
into my little pony, playing kitchen, games, being a good mommy to her babies, and cinderella
sensitive little thing (quick to ask me to forgive her for wrongs and quick to ask me if I need to ask HER forgiveness for something)
has memorized 30 some questions in her catechism

I’m cherishing these days with my girls (most of the time, anyway!). They are precious gifts from God. Will never have this time again w/ them and pray that I will make the most use of this season of our lives for God’s glory.

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