her duty becoming her delight

a few months back after stelly very transparently informed me of her dislike for her sister, i knew i had to be more intentional about having their very different worlds intersect. so, at the beginning of this year i instituted a way i thought stelly could show love to ruby and try to condescend to and serve her then 6 month old ways. it has been exciting to see their relationship develop more, especially just within the past 2 weeks. stelly is really starting to enjoy rubes, and of course, ruby adores her big sister.
it brings my heart such joy hearing their little giggles in ruby’s room when they play. this morning i walked in and saw this sight. it was so funny i had to get a picture of it. no, they aren’t reenacting the wizard of oz…they’re just playing under ruby’s crib. a new favorite game. too funny.

as always, God used stelly’s need for grace to convict me of my own need to grow in love for others. so, God is very patiently helping us sinners in the owen household learn to live together in peace.

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  1. Erica, I was really challenged by your words in this post in regards to my two little munchkins. Alex obviously shows that doesn’t always like his little brother and though we have been encouraging him to “be gentle” or “share” as he ought to, I realized after reading this that we hadn’t taken any proactive approach with them. We hadn’t really shown him how to LOVE his brother–just how to live with him! So, he is now memorizing Eph. 4:32, we are approaching things from a different angle, and seeing very sweet results!! Isn’t it great how God works in little lives, too? Thanks so much for this post! -Jessica


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