There was nothing wrong with it

This past week my grandpa, Jerry Neuhart, turned 72. I kept thinking about what God has done in his life over those decades. One story stuck out in my mind. It’s a story evidencing forgiveness and grace and I kept praising the Lord for it through the tears of the week as grandpa’s physical state declines.

My mom was pregnant with me and knew she wasn’t going to marry my dad. As she talked to her dad about it, she expressed concern because she didn’t know what my last name would be. My grandpa said, “Well, what’s wrong with Neuhart?” That simple question showed grace and extended forgiveness after several months of a strained relationship with her. And that’s what my last name was for 26 years and I was proud to have it.

Taken during our visit this past weekend

Me, my mom and gramps taken in the early 80s

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