stelly loves when i sing the “sisters” song from white christmas (what little i know of it). she is so glad to be a big sister and will tell you, “i’m a big sister now!” as if it’s the most important news of the day. thankfully, i think, we’re winding down the adjustment phase and getting settled into a routine. we are so blessed and our hearts are still overflowing with joy to the Lord at His kindness to us. we sing for joy at the works of His hands (psm 92.4)!
here are some pictures of our blessings – two very different looking girls! one with light brown hair and dark brown eyes and one with strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes. i wonder if they will have drastically different personalities too? time will tell!

i had to include these cute pics of matt and ruby.

this was the first time she smiled in response to us! i love how uncoordinated their little smiles are. so precious!

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  1. I am so glad that you are all doing well. I love the foot and hand pictures!! You should blow them up and get them framed…I love hand and foot pictures of babies/children.. I think they are wonderful!!


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