"new zaster"

these past weeks with my little stelly have been especially precious to me. i’m trying to cherish each moment i have left with it just being the two of us here each day. following are some pictures of a few of our favorite things to do in our daily schedule.

putting together puzzles

learning her states

going over her letters and playing with play doh

cooking together – she loves to go get her little stool so she can see what i’m doing and be a helper. she can zest a lemon like no one’s business! 🙂
playing games

the title of this blog entry is what she calls a song i have sung to her nearly every day since her birth. when she was born, i decided i wanted to have a special song i would sing to each of my children during our devotional time that would encourage them in their walk with God and really be my prayer for them. the one i chose for stella is an old hymn text by john bunyan called “He Who Would Valiant Be.” i obviously changed the gender for stelly. although the words are old, i love the truth of the text. of all the things we wish for our stelly, the utmost prayer of our heart is that God would save her and that she would persevere in her faith for Him, come what may.

She who would valiant be ‘gainst all disaster [what she calls “new zaster“],
Let her in constancy follow the Master.
There’s no discouragement shall make her soul relent,
Her first avowed intent to be a pilgrim!

Whoso beset her round with dismal stories,
Do but themselves confound her strength the more is.
No foe shall stay her might though she with giants fight,
She will make first her right to be a pilgrim.

Since, Lord you do defend us with Your spirit,
We know we at the end shall life inherit.
Then fancies flee away.
I’ll fear not what mean say,
I’ll labor night and day to be a pilgrim.

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  1. erica, i am so encouraged by the tender heart you have demonstrated towards your children for the things of God. i know that you are sooooo busy, but i would love to know when & what you do for your devotional time w/ stella. i’m trying to establish some patterns myself. i love advice from godly mommies:)our song is “be still my soul”.


  2. you’re so sweet. i loved your idea about having emmit paint the card for stella and ruby. that was such a neat idea and i’m sure a step in teaching him to be thoughtful. i’ll send you a message on FB about our devotional time. i love “be still my soul” too. isn’t it wonderful to raise our kids in a christian home? praise the Lord for His work of grace in our lives!!


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