ain’t no party like a detroit party

recently i read an article that told us michiganders to come on and just admit that we like saying we’re from metro-detroit b/c it gets a rise from people. the article made me laugh b/c i think how many times after saying where we live, we’ve gotten the response (and you can imagine the facial expression that goes w/ it), “oh. is it really as bad as we hear it is?”
i must admit when we first moved here i thought i had traveled back in time to an era where bruce springsteen’s music was the rage, chunky oak furniture was the decor of choice, and mesh shirts were en vogue. the past five years have made me grow to appreciate this area though and the occasions are less frequent when i double-check the calendar to make sure the year really is 2007 and not 1987.

so, we are kind of proud to say where we live and yes, we must admit, it is fun seeing how people respond. here are a few things we have enjoyed in and about the city and that we submit to nay-sayers as we try to convince them that no, detroit really isn’t as bad as they’ve heard it is…

(why do i start w/ food first?!)
7. mexicantown (lupitas, el comal, xochimilco…)
8. vicentes cuban food
9. the newly constructed riverwalk
11. superbowl XL
13. belle isle
16. pistons, tigers, red wings, and even the lions
these are just a few of the things we’ve enjoyed in the “D.” more recommendations of things to see and do in the city from you native detroiters are appreciated too. i know the eastern market is top on our “to do” list before fall.

with aunty jenny at the riverwalk

clown at the arab and chaldean festival in hart plaza making a ladybug wrist balloon for stell

playing in the fountains at the riverwalk in some of our recent visits

with joy and lisa at hart plaza

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  1. Oh wow… what memories of my childhood! You need to travel North for the colors this fall. Try Traverse City. Hit every cider mill on the way for fresh donuts and caramel apples. Definitely take your camera for awesome pictures!Also, go to Greenfield Village - Hucklebery Railroad- went to both of these places many times as a kid. Not sure how much Stelly would enjoy them at this age. 🙂There was an amusement park on Belle Isle when I was a kid. Is it still there?


  2. Sarah-We were just in Traverse City this spring and it is so pretty! Thanks for the suggestions! No, there isn’t an amusement park there anymore that I know of. However, they did add a carousel to the riverwalk!Your boy is so cute! I love seeing his big blue eyes when I look at your blog!Trish-You’re right. Few people take pictures like Joy. Yes, the best shots I posted were hers.Hope you’re doing well!


  3. So many comments to make…1-I have lived here pretty much my whole life and you have been to and seen way more than me…I will be using your links to plan some family outings so I am not so uncultured.2-the first pic of your whole family could be a postcard.3-the clown!? how could you make your daughter see that hiddeousness!


  4. Thanks for the great tips on some fun things to do! Since I grew up in the thumb area of MI, Ry and I always head out of the city for family outings, but you gave us some ideas of things to do in the city!! (usually the only things we head downtown to see are Tigers games or the DSO) If you do make it “up north” sometime, our favorite place to go is Lexington. It’s about 1.5 hrs north, has a great little cafe called Smackwater Jacks, lots of cute shops, and a great little beach–not to mention the most gorgeous drive up there in the fall!


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