happy birthday to our little girl

Stella Grace turned two on Saturday! We are just amazed at how fast the time has gone. To me it seems like those first 6 weeks before she slept thru the night were longer than these past 2 years have been! After the struggles of the year, we are more grateful than ever that God has allowed us to be parents. We praise Him for the good gift of Stella and are sobered by our responsibility to raise her for His glory.
Over the weekend, we had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday with both sides of the family. It is nice living close enough that we can all be together for these special occasions.
I love themes and this year we deviated from the ladybug theme that saturated her whole first year of life and did an ice cream cone theme. Quite fun for me and her! Carrie from church made her the cutest little ice cream cone bow (I need to blog about Carrie’s amazing bows soon) for her hair and her outfit had ice cream cones on it too! Miss Liz even got her an ice cream cone dress and matching bow for her to wear to church on Sunday to finish out her birthday weekend! We are thankful for our friends who get excited with us over her even though they really don’t have to (Mr. Ben, Miss Wendy and Miss Joy too!)

Stella is teary here b/c she got scared when everyone
started singing “Happy Birthday” to her!
She, of course, chose the “cherry on top” scoop
Ammy and Appy

Aunty Jenny, Mimi, Gampa and Poppop
Thank you Uncle Philip, Aunt Betty, Adam and Joy!

(getting the “say cheese” part right but forgetting to smile!)

Loving the quilt her Poppop (great-grandpa owen) just stitched for her. He’s amazing! Wish we had a picture of the quilted pattern part to post.

Giving Rachael Ray a run for her money in her new kitchen.

Children are a blessing from the Lord!

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