Endeared Friendships

No doubt Christian friendships are a means of joining and holding together Christ’s body. Ephesians 4 speaks of the body being built up in love as each part does its work.
Endeared and intimate Christian friendships are used by God to sharpen His people as iron sharpens iron.
We are thankful for those God has used in our lives to build us up and leave us different than we were when we first met them.
It’s an understatement to say we’ll miss you guys.

4 thoughts on “Endeared Friendships

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  1. joy – TEDS for a PhD.nic – that’s so funny. stelly gets us confused too in pics – not that i’m comparing you to an almost 2 year old 🙂 b/c we do get asked ALL the time by other adults if we’re sisters. it’s just interesting that my own daughter can’t tell who’s who in a picture! i’m like, “no stelly, that’s mommy. mommy is the only one who puts her arm around daddy and stands that close to him!” 🙂


  2. I’m glad someone agree’s even if she is two =) it’s funny what they see. I will have to put a post about Ava’s confusions b/c I am sitting here thinking about some of them and there are a lot. At least your daughter confuses you with someone pretty…it would be rough to have her see a scraggly old man and say, “there’s mommy!”


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