an exciting surprise

In our circles, what married girlfriends don’t think it would be fun to be pregnant together? Charisse and I are no exception! We were totally taken by surprise when we found out back in August we were both expecting and even due within just 5 days of each other! How fun! (Not sure how fun our husbands think it is though since now we have even MORE to talk about when we’re together!) She is due April 30th and I’m due April 25th. We have had so much fun sharing pregnancy notes and counting down the weeks together. Within the next few days we both (if our babies cooperate) get to find out what we’re having. So stay tuned to see who the new Owen co-star of Stella’s blog will be! (The above pictures were taken at the end of our first trimester back in October. Still not showing, but we know our days are numbered! And yes, we are wearing the same orange shirt, totally unplanned!)

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  1. How much more fun will it be for you both to watch your little ones grow up at the same time! I’m pulling for boys for both of you…boys are such fun (not that Alex has any influence on that statement). Both you preggos look great in those pics, btw! Praying for healthy & happy mommies and babies!-Jessica


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