Windy City

we were in chicago from thurs eve – sun last week. the trip wasn’t quite what we had planned. by some it might be considered a comedy of errors from car-sickness to a large rear dent (pun intended, will) to a flat tire to seeing hole in the wall apartments, but hey — God’s preparing us to be urbanites and to remember His control over all things. one thing we did accomplish was getting a few good shots for our prayer card. i didn’t include the actual shot we selected for printing but here are some shots along the way. we are so thankful for the generosity of phil and julie e. for allowing us to borrow their vehicle. it was nice to be able to ride together in a vehicle where 2 carseats and 4 adults fit (2 of those adults are pregnant too)!!
one of the better shots. this is in millennium park. note the reflections in the metal ball of the glories of the city.
the reality of taking pictures with kids…haddon is looking who knows where and stella is screaming her head off.

haddon being a “big brother” and looking out for little stelly to make sure her hood stays up.
this is one of the first pics we took. matt said stelly looks like the kid in a christmas story whose mom had him so bundled up he couldn’t walk. it was after that comment i decided to remove her toboggan.

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  1. Hey…just got back from Greenville for recruiting. We are planning on heading down to my grandparents for Thanksgiving again this year, and would love to swing through your place like we did last time! We’ll have to talk more details later. I didn’t realize you guys were planning on church planting with Will P. I knew who he was at BJ. I don’t think I knew his wife though. So exciting you all will be in Chicago. Definitely be a good excuse for a few more excursions to IKEA!


  2. hey erica, stella looks so cute in those pictures. i am really bummed you guys are moving. i am gonna miss you so much!love rachel


  3. p.s. matt, i had to think of you the other day when i was talking to one of my students about baby strollers. he’s going to become a father for the first time very soon, and he told me a tale of buying (or at least looking for) a stroller. i was reminded of your previous entry about the one you had gotten for stelly!


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