growing up

stelly ate with a spoon for the first time this morning! she loved being independent and feeding herself (although she still needed some help “scooping”)! oatmeal was a great food to start with since it sticks to the spoon so well. can’t believe she’ll be 14 months tomorrow!

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  1. impressive!!!did anyone tell you that bella and stella (how cute is that??) were playing together in the nursery on sunday? marcia went to get my MIL who was in the other nursery to see it!! apparently they were just chatting away.


  2. Erica, I have been looking at some highchairs lately and was wondering what kind yours is. I really like that it has wood slats and no fluffy cushion thing. 🙂 Stelly looks like she’s doing great with her spoon! She sure is growing up. Enjoy checking your blog, Jessica.


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