stelly’s happy place

sun afternoon october 16th, we went into stelly’s nursery to get her up from her nap and found her sucking her little baby thumb. since that time, she and her thumb have been inseparable, especially when she’s sleepy or when she gets frustrated. daddy calls it going to her “happy place.” it’s so cute now, but we’ll let you know how we feel about it in a few years! can anyone recommend a good orthodontist?

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  1. Don’t be too worried – pretty soon her “happy place” will be Toys ‘R Us, and then she’ll graduate to Marshall Fields and Saks – – – so just keep taking cute pictures for now! 🙂 [By the way, is it just me or is sucking on that thing blowing up her cheeks a little?] 🙂 She is just WAY too adorable!!!!!


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