stella gracey face

stelly turns 8 months old today. where has time gone? here are some pics i took of her today before she watched her baby mozart DVD.

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  1. Since I just read a book on Mozart to hone up on my music ed skills, maybe Stelly and I could “do lunch” someday, and talk over his works and the recurring themes in some of his finer works! 🙂 The pics are tooooooooo cute!!!! (I got here via Pittsqueak’s site, in case you were wondering how I ended up here! BTW – Stelly likes me BEST in the nursery!) Brenda S.


  2. brenda –i’m sure stelly would love to talk w/ you about mozart if the sounds “baaabaaabaa” have any significance to you! i think we’re overloading her on classical music though. yesterday she was in her nursery playing on the floor and figured out how to turn off her CD player and the classical music i had playing. i peeked in at her and she was looking way too proud of herself. i think she’s ready for a new CD! thanks for posting, brenda. (i know stelly loves when you’re in the nursery. you take good care of her – putting ice on her bumps and everything! thank you!!)


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