stella’s friends

stelly is feeling better today but was still fevered last night. we trust she’s on the mend and will be back to her chipper little self soon. she misses her friends, so i thought i’d reminisce and post some pics of her enjoying herself with her friends in the recent past.

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  1. jk is doing well. teaching english in china. he was home (in sc and ohio)for about 6 weeks. he and dad o drove up to see us and spent the night a week or so before he had to leave to go back to china. we had a nice visit. we’d love to have you visit. DTW is still in operation! 🙂


  2. it’s so good to hear from you! i was just on your blog the other day and tried to leave a comment, but couldn’t. gavin is SO cute! we miss you guys too. we should meet up in canton sometime. would love to catch up.


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