Back from Hiatus

Well, for those of you with an RSS feed to this blog, you’re probably quite surprised to see an update appear! And for the rest, you probably won’t discover this post for several months. So, if you’re reading this in August, SURPRISE! Anway, I have a renewed interest in blogging about young Stella, and several things to show you from the last several months. Unfortunately, Stella is sick today-we were up most of the night with her. She and Erica just returned from the doctor and the verdict is that she has the flu. With that said, I’ll post a picture of happier days than today and then get cracking on some video of Stella’s first meal. Stay tuned…

5 thoughts on “Back from Hiatus

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  1. i was seriously beginning to wonder if that “sufficient” post was supposed to be a reminder to all of us who tend to be more on the impatient side. it was as if your blog were saying, “this post is sufficient until we get time for another…” hope stella feels better soon!


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