Effort is what this picture is all about. She is not crying or yawning. She is doing everything in her miniscule power to lift herself up, and thats what this look is all about.

As many of you have so kindly pointed out, it has been about 50 days since I last posted. Well, thats what seminary does to me. For those of you who have been more persistent, I would remind you that it wouldn’t hurt you to help me with Greek Exegesis of Philippians. I could use a research assistant. So anyway here is another pic that I thought you might enjoy. It was taken about 3-4 weeks ago when Erica and her mom decided to do an impromptu photo shoot in the back of a Toyota 4Runner. Anyway, this is probably my favorite picture of Stell and is the wallpaper on my laptop.

So, what has Stella been doing for the last 2 months you ask? Well, she doesn’t do a whole lot to be quite honest. But in little ways she changes by the week. My last post was “learning to smile.” She has definitely mastered smiling. She smiles basically at anyone who pays the slightest bit of attention to her and attempts to “talk” to them as well. We’re not exactly sure what language she is speaking but I personally believe it to be some form of ecstatic utterance. She is also getting much stronger. When she sits in her bouncy seat, she is constantly doing what appear to be abdominal crunches but I think she is just trying over and over again to sit up. While she can’t really do that yet, she is able to hold her head on her own and is constantly looking around taking everything in. In fact, she will not allow herself to be held in any way that might obscure her view of whatever happens to be going on at the moment.

And another mini-milestone occurred just this morning. Until today, she has been able to grab things while you hold her like hair, necklaces, your shirt pocket, etc. And until today this has been inadvertent as far as we can tell. Today, however, she was particularly enthralled with a colorful fleece outfit that had been given to her by her grandparents. In fact, she was so taken by this outfit that she reached out…grabbed it…and LICKED it. I’m not sure exactly how to take this response. I usually grab something in order to take a closer look. Erica usually buys my clothes for me and brings them home which she says is actually less hassle then actually taking me TO the store. Anyway, when she brings a new tie home my first response is not usually to taste it. But that seems to be Stella’s approach. Perhaps she was testing to see if this was actually “performance” fleece as opposed to regular run-of-the-mill fleece. Regardless of her purposes, she has now been spotted several times this morning grabbing for something. Her grasps are usually unsuccessful for now. But only for now….

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