The Weekend

We went to Ohio this past weekend. Dad asked me to preach at Cambridge Bible Church back in May, and this is the weekend we agreed upon. Now I wonder if he really wanted me to preach or if he was trying to figure out a way to get Stella down to Ohio? Oh well.

So this was Stella’s longest car ride and she did very well. She slept almost the entire ride. As I realized in a previous post, going anywhere is never going to be easy again and this trip certainly wasn’t the exception to that rule. We had to stop to feed her which ended up tacking at least another hour onto the trip. But it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be because that really was the only complication. Well, that and the little suction cup mirror I bought to stick to the back window kept falling off.

I worked a half day on Friday and then we left. We arrived in Cambridge around 6 and went straight to my parent’s house for dinner. We didn’t stay with them this time because it would have been too complicated with Jenny getting ready to leave for college. She had to be there a week early. Unfortunately, that was pretty much all we got to see of my family since they were busy with the CBC picnic all day Saturday.
We didn’t do a whole lot on Saturday morning and headed out to the church picnic on Saturday afternoon. The ladies of the church had a belated baby shower for Erica while most of the men played softball. It was very nice of the ladies since some of them had never even met her before. We are very grateful to them for their generosity. We had intended to stay for the whole picnic but it was extremely hot and Stella had been in the heat for too long.

We went to visit Erica’s grandparents, Jerry and Wilma, on Sunday afternoon after church. Jerry was obviously a little hesitant to hold Stella although I don’t really know why since he had three kids of his own. Isn’t it like riding a bike?

Wilma looked a lot more comfortable. We left late Sunday afternoon. All in all, Stella did great.

The most amazing thing about the whole weekend is that Jodie let other people hold Stella!

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