Doctor Visit

No pics this time, just info on yesterday’s doctor visit. The visit can pretty much be summed up with this statement: Stella is getting chubby. The doctor told Erica that the general rule of thumb at the 2 week checkup is that the baby should have gained back its birth weight. For those of you who don’t know, birth weight usually drops in the days following delivery (or so I’m told). Stella weighed 7lb 2oz at delivery and had only dropped an ounce when we left the hospital. Stella is now a healthy 8lb 3oz which means that she has gone above and beyond the call of duty as far as recovering her birth weight. In addition, this settles any lingering questions at the Owen household regarding whether she has been receiving the proper nourishment. The only other person gaining weight in this household is me strangely enough and I am determined to give her a run for her money. Thus far I believe I have been successful but thats another post…

On another note, you will notice that I have an RSS feed now, not because of this site’s burgeoning popularity, but because I have lazy friends. Actually a lazy friend to be more precise.

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  1. <><<><>rant<><>><> well, i <>tried<> to do my part by restoring the links on my main page, but i guess that’s just not GOOD ENOUGH for some people. seriously. bookmarks and blogfeeds are <>highly overrated!<> when it comes to building that necessary anticipatory suspense–<>“will mojo<> [whoever] <>blog today?!<>“–the tried and true axiom is priceless: <>two clicks are better than one.<> give my fingers exercise over RSS convenience any day. <><<><>/rant<><>><>


  2. wow joy. is it possible that you are jealous that some people will not hit your site before they come to mine?HMMMMMM??????Or perhaps you have consumed by yourself the contents of a Bubba Keg and are a little wired right now?


  3. jealousy, of course, but not about our blogs. actually, i really was just ranting. <>i<> don’t even use my own site to get to yours. too many clicks. =} i have bookmarks. i also use bloglines/RSS for a number of blogs, but not my favorite-people blogs. i’m drinking a small glass of OJ and trying to process the anomaly that i was actually awake this morning (pre-coffee or other additives) when i woke up.


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