Welcome Home

I know its been a while since I’ve had a chance to post something, so I thought I’d better get something up before I went to bed. We were finally able to leave the hospital this morning at 11:45. It seemed like it took an eternity because I was ready to go about 7AM. I took all the stuff out to the car and then…waited. For those of you who are interested, here is a rundown of how things went:

Erica was induced on Thursday at about 1PM. I thought she was pretty situated so I left her to get a couple more things from the car and call her Mom who was on her way from OH. When I came back, she was already starting to experience some major contractions. She was in a lot of pain for about an hour or so and then she had the epidural. Let me just say that drugs are GREAT. Her pain went away almost immediately. Jared and Charisse, Vivian, and her mom and I just sat around visiting with her and eating Subway when the Dr came in and checked her and informed us that she was ready to go (7:30). As you can see from the picture, this was the result at 8:38PM. My parents came up but were only able to see her just a little that night. They were able to see her a little before they left on Friday, though. Perry came up on Friday evening and was able to see her a bit today before he left around 4. Her mom will be around until Saturday of next week.

We are thankful to God for being so gracious to us in giving us a healthy girl and an uneventful delivery (I guess thats easy for me to say). He really has blessed us and we just want to thank Him for the good gifts He gives. Thanks also to those of you who prayed. I’ll try to get some video up in the near future (but not of the birth don’t worry!)

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  1. first, thanks for changing around the commenting options. i think i’d much rather be my own identity (although how many other people would actually call themselves “hamburgerin”?!) in any case, these comments are about you all and not me… just wanted to say what a pretty little girl you have. she really is. and i wouldn’t just say that! i also think that stella grace owen has a great ring to it!


  2. she’s beautiful!(I don’t think I know either of you but I found your blog through a list of blogs that began with Karagraphy (surprise surprise)..)so anyway, congratulations!


  3. Congratulations Matt & Erica!! Your daughter is absolutly beautiful! You should bring her up to the towers some time….I would love to see her. Congrats again!!Joy


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