Bearing Arms

Today we celebrate our Bronze Anniversary. Nineteen years married and it’s like we’ve only earned third place. Really? Only third place? After you made that tearful trip alone to the breast center in December, rushing my mammogram history films there like you were a first responder to your wife’s side, trying to save her life?... Continue Reading →

This is Life

Four months ago today, I found out I had breast cancer. I feel like I’ve lived the span of decades in those few short months because walking to the grave and back is exhausting. But, regardless of how old I feel, I only turn 45 today. A year ago, I never dreamed Mayo Clinic would... Continue Reading →

When I Am Afraid

Over Christmas break, our family spent an afternoon downtown at the Cummer Museum of Art. Although the afternoon together was lovely and seeing artistic excellence is always inspiring, the artwork pictured above has haunted me for the past few weeks. Amid the various artistic styles, this one, I wish, were a little more abstract. But... Continue Reading →

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