Draw Me Nearer

I was driving home from a piano lesson the summer we started dating and noticed that even on an overcast day the world around me seemed more beautiful than I had observed before. It occurred to me that it was the experience of our new love that opened my eyes to see things with a... Continue Reading →

Still Counting the Days

You walked across the stage several times yesterday getting 6th grade academic awards ranking you, in various subjects, at the top of your class of over 100 kids. Your elementary years are over and you are headed to one of the public junior high schools near us, having been invited into their accelerated learning track... Continue Reading →

Pressing Heavenward

I didn't set my alarm this morning. Four decades and a year deserves that, right? But I hear the baby in the night and trip over my flip flops, and another child, to get to her and - gross -  was that sand I felt fall out of our sheets?! Nights at the soccer field,... Continue Reading →

Longing for Home

When I pulled up to 15539 Keppen in Allen Park last December, I instinctively expected to see the faces of our older girls peering out the window at me, waving me in. I expected to see a Dora big wheel parked in the driveway or a tiny picnic table retired from its summer duties, collecting... Continue Reading →

Here Comes The Son

I’m writing this post with a playlist in the background I haven’t heard in over 6 years. Newborn baby squeaks, sighs, hiccups, and sneezes. This little darling, Eloise Sunshine, joined our family a week ago today, when her birth parents signed their termination of parental rights and Bethany Christian Services placed her into our temporary... Continue Reading →

She Loved You First

We celebrated you all weekend with some of your favorite things. Life is too precious of a gift to pass up these birthday milestones, rehearsing God’s past grace in your life and looking ahead, keenly aware of how much more of it we still need from him. I am overwhelmed with love for you and... Continue Reading →

Remember Your Roots

I was walking out of church that last Sunday in Ohio, dangerously full of 18-year-old-swagger with all the bravado of “The Boss” himself, sick of "living in a dump like this” and ready to find the something that was happening somewhere. I heard a car pull through the parking lot and an elderly man in... Continue Reading →

Cracking the Books

Today as you're cracking the books for another school year, it also means we're closing the chapter on the summer of 2016. Another one's crammed full of memories and shoved in the books for safe keeping.Every first day of school I feel like a bandaid has been ripped off a tender part of my heart... Continue Reading →

Caught Between

I'm putting on my make up in the bathroom and you come in wanting to talk. You look frustrated and tell me how hard it is to be caught between being a teenager and a little kid.Today you turn 11, and you say there are so many changes and the process is emotionally exhausting and... Continue Reading →

God’s Ruby

I kiss your cheek at the stroke of midnight and from a heart bursting with love and concern spontaneously pray God's care over you in this next year of life. You're another year older today and I hope we are another year wiser. There's so much inside of this bundle of Ruby and 8 years... Continue Reading →

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