We are overwhelmed by how many of you pray for us and this pregnancy and wanted to give you an update. First, I just want to praise the Lord for the smooth pregnancy this has been. I have felt great (even better than I did with Stella) and we have had relatively few bumps in the road. The battle has been more in my mind of obeying Him with my thoughts and trusting His sovereign hand to do what He deems best. He has been so faithful to give me grace upon grace in this daily struggle.
Today I had an appointment and things continue to look good. We are on the homestretch now, Lord willing, with only 9 1/2 weeks left. Starting the week of May 12 (my 32nd week) to my 40th week, I will be having 2 non-stress tests a week, every Monday and Thursday. This is just another precautionary measure to monitor any contractions and to see if the baby is under any stress. My Dr. and my specialist had a nice long talk and they have a delivery plan for me, so as far as my Dr. is concerned things are all set on her end.
Thank you again for helping bear our burdens, and as Matt says, being the church to us. So many of you who grieved with us have been so encouraging to rejoice with us as God works each step of the way. It is almost surreal to think that the Lord is bringing us to the end of these long months of waiting. We certainly aren’t there yet though and still want to be careful not to run before Him. Our hope continues to be in Him and our expectation from Him!
I realize all ultrasound pictures tend to look the same and I’m sure these are no exception. However, we had to laugh at Ruby’s smile at the end of her photo session.
No smile…

Say cheese!

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  1. erica,ruby is just beautiful! i would love to watch stella for you any time you need. just drop me a line:)we are so thrilled for you 3! it has been a joy to watch the Lord work in your lives for His glory. your faith has stretched my faith. i will be praying for you.


  2. We rejoice with you in the good doctor’s report you received today.We love you guys and are thankful God has brought you to be part of our family at CBC. Lord Bless, Mike and Benita


  3. Owens, we will continue to pray for you for as you finish your pregnancy and as your family expands! A 2nd child adds so many new dimensions and blessings to a family. I marvel at how much love God gives us to pour out on our children, and how much love He pours out on His children! Thanks for the update and such good news!


  4. i’m sure I’ve told you but i love the name stella…thought about using it and if I had another baby and it was a girl I may still. my friend beth has a niece ruby and I have been trying to get mike used to it. this will help my cause. =) I guess we are both super cool name pickers.but seriously…we are praying for you continually. I think about you often but don’t want to pester you about the babe so I am very thankful for your update. you are a sweetie and I pray that you are home with your new little one soon ready to raise her for the Lord. You are such a great mom to stella I know you will do great with ruby too.


  5. We rejoice with you and Matt at your wonderful report from the doctor. We can’t wait to meet Ruby and we will be praying for a continued safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery. We miss you guys here at IC.Love ya,The Oginsky family


  6. Nic,That is funny about the names b/c one of the middle names I love to go with Ruby is Evangeline. I didn’t remember that was Ava’s middle name until someone said it was and that it was a family name for you guys (grandma tally, right?). We still haven’t settled on her middle name yet. When you were pregnant w/ Liela and weren’t telling her name I had this feeling that her name just might end up being Ruby. I don’t know why, but I guess I too thought that I could see us liking the same names!! Too funny!Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement. You truly have been a blessing! Can’t believe Ava’s 3rd bday is almost here!! How fun!


  7. i can’t believe she is going to be 3 either! stella not to long after. I really liked ruby but I couldn’t convince mike for this baby…but I love liela. of course people would likely pronounce ruby better than they do liela. evangeline is grandma sanders…can you believe it…she became a great-great-grandma with Ava. hard to believe. and liela’s middle name is michal which I think is so cute. I’m pretty sure…if I had another…and if it was a girl…and if I named her ruby….i would know her middle name….so maybe one day we can compare in secret. =)


  8. Matt and Erica, We have been praying for you and the new little one. How exciting that everything is going so well. Oh how the Lord blesses us. In bible study tonight Beth Moore said that somethimes the things we have to wait for so long are usually the greatest blessings. I hope that is true for your family and Ruby. You all are so precious to us. We will continue to pray!The Bump Family


  9. Erica,I check your blog occasionally and I am glad to hear that things are going well. During my pregnancy, our baby(Emma)was measuring small so they were concerned with her growth being restricted. I had to have 2 tests a week during my last month of pregnancy too. It was stressful and emotional(I cried a lot), but also reassuring each time I had the test to know my baby was just fine. To be on the safe side, they induced me two weeks early. We are very thankful for the healthy baby that God gave us. I will continue to pray for you and soon you will have your baby in your arms and so thankful for all God has done.


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