Weekend in Traverse City

We are spending the weekend in Traverse City which is about 4 hours NW of where we live in Michigan. We came up to visit some friends of ours, Aaron and Terrilyn Bump, who work with Lake Ann Camp near Traverse City. Aaron is worship leader and official nature guide at the camp. (OK, I made that last part up). Our friends Trisha and Roberto Fipps are also going to meet us at the camp. But that part starts Sunday. We came up a little early for a little R and R. Nothing like live-blogging your own vacation-are we really that narcissistic? Of course you aren’t that interested, but here are some pics of Stella anyway.

She was not exactly excited about the whole sand and bare feet thing. In fact, she started crying like a, well, baby. Once she got used to it, though, she started having a good time.

Nothing says fun at the beach like having your dad jump over you repeatedly. She actually really likes it, though. Now I’m out of breath-I could use a vacation.

It was hard to convince her to play in the sand, but once she tried it out, she like it. Then she liked it so much she decided to put a big glob in her mouth. I thought we were past that stage but the next five minutes spent trying to remove a handful of wet sand from her mouth convinced me otherwise.

4 thoughts on “Weekend in Traverse City

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  1. Oh who will lead the Homebuilders in your absence?!Hope you guys are having fun. I’m glad you were able to get away.The jumping pics, MO, are particularly amusing–almost as much as seeing you trying to get your leg up on the ballerina bar in the Allen Pk Rec Cntr Rm G!Miss you guys a lot! Love from the windy city.


  2. Cute pictures…we had so much fun with you guys this past weekend. Wish we lived closer to eachother. Let’s see if I can beat you with getting pictures up here from Olive Garden!


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